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Course: Taking Corrective Action

“If I just ignore the problem I’m sure it will just resolve itself and go away.” Right? Wrong! Don’t give up before learning how to effectively correct performance and attitude problems. Proactively taking corrective action can be positive for both you and the employee. Protect yourself and your practice/business with these
helpful and sound guidelines

Build your confidence in dealing with all levels of employee challenges by learning the facts and skills to take the appropriate action when necessary.


Topics Include

  • How to use job descriptions in your favor
  • How to utilize orientation and training periods to set expectations
  • Performance reviews: what’s the point, why bother?
  • It’s the “attitude” that will get you every time
  • Disciplinary actions and measures: the crime and the punishment
  • The two “cardinal rules” of discipline
  • Two key components to always include in documenting disciplinary action

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