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Course: Successful Recruiting Series

Part 1 of 3: The Basics

Place an ad, read a resume, hire someone….how hard can it be? It’s not hard as long as you never make a mistake, never hire the wrong person, never have problems and never have turnover. Learn the latest foundational do’s and don’ts in recruiting that will support hiring the right person the first time. Your nerves and stress level will thank you.

Have an action plan in place to ensure better hiring success. Avoid the “Why didn’t I ask that?” lament by learning how to successfully recruit with this series.


Topics Include

  • The importance of being clear about your goals and values
  • The valuable role of job descriptions
  • Soliciting the right applicants with your advertisements
  • Effective ways to increase the applicant pool
  • Job applications; How to use them, why they’re valuable
  • Pre-screening to weed out the bad from the good
  • Record keeping; How long do I have to keep resumes and applications on file?

Part 2 of 3: Interviewing

Want to avoid thinking “But they seemed so nice in the interview, what happened”? You can by updating your interviewing skills. Learn how to draw out better information from your applicants and, equally important, learn how to discover if the applicant really would be a good “fit”.

Follow the amazing recruiting skills you learned in Successful Recruiting: Part 1 by adding these insightful interviewing techniques. Hone in on the applicant that will be the perfect addition to your business.


Topics Include

  • Ensuring compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Prepare great questions that won’t get you into trouble
  • Behavioral-based interviews: a deeper insight into the “real” person you’re considering
  • Tips and tricks to use during the interview
  • The good, the bad, and the ugly of note taking
  • Post-interview evaluations and steering clear of common mistakes

Part 3 of 3: Beyond The Basics

“Why bother with selection tools, reference checks or background checks? The applicant is perfect, what could go wrong?” Unfortunately, a lot. Take your recruiting to the next level and obtain the keys to achieving recruiting success.

Don’t miss this final step to gain the knowledge and skills to enhance your hiring process from start to finish. As costly as turnover can be, you can’t afford not to!


Topics Include

  • Expectations and clarity-identifying what is important
  • Job descriptions are the key to ensuring success
  • Effective reference checking
  • Background checks; What every employer needs to know
  • The use of job-match/personality assessments
  • Delving into key core competencies that identify candidate strengths and weakness
  • Carrying out skills assessments (A.K.A. the working interview)

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