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Course: When all Else Fails: Process for Termination

Once you’ve done everything you can to turn your employee around and performance and/or attitude has not changed, the day will come when you should terminate the employee. It’s not whether you can terminate, but rather “how” to do it with minimal risk.

Arm yourself with the knowledge that will help make the awkward and unpleasant event of termination easier and potentially positive.


Topics Include

  • Quitting vs. terminating vs. laying off
  • Techniques to minimize the emotion of the termination meeting
  • Termination documentation and forms
  • Do I or don’t I; Severance pay and “in-lieu-of-notice” pay
  • When, where and how of final paychecks
  • Health Care Continuation/COBRA requirements
  • Potential future requests for references; What can I say-what do I say?

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