We Are A Passionate Team of HR Professionals

For over 30 years we have helped thousands of small business offices achieve confidence in their employment compliance and human resources.

HR is not an add-on service. It’s the only service we do, and we do it expertly.

We provide the tools to make HR simple, compliant, and worry-free. Our goal is prevention. Labor-related issues have exploded in recent years; we keep our clients out of the fray. We know small business owners are juggling dozens of issues, each one important and potentially crushing. Our technology is designed to empower; to effectively manage employees with affordability and ease.

Whatever the HR issue or concern, trust us, we’ve heard it before. Everything from hiring nightmares to continuing education confusion, harassment claims to pregnancy leave, unemployment claims to angry Facebook rants. Our HR Specialists have the book smarts and the street smarts, the training and the experience, to guide the way.

Our main office is in Oregon, consisting of skilled benefit consultants, solid customer service specialists, and SPHR-certified HR Specialists.

What People Are Saying

“When I showed my attorney your manual, he was very impressed and said that it was the best one he had ever seen.”- Dr. Jack Boatman
“Your personnel materials are indeed a blessing to the small professional business. The more I use the information, the more impressed I am.”- Dr. Catherine Webb
“I have worked on putting together a manual for 19 years and would never have completed it. Your manual is a godsend.”- Dr. Burton Miller
“The Personnel Manual frees me to do what I do best—treat my patients.”- Dr. George Markle

Certified HR Compliance Consultants

Our national network of Certified HR Compliance Consultants are available to assist with HR and Personnel needs, the implementation of HR Materials, Coaching, and Team Building.